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Spring is here and it΄s high season for all bakery shops, due to Easter! Bakery-Pastry magazine A-Z (131 issue)  is loaded with ideas that will make your clients happy. Have a glance at our exceptional gourmet easter breads that will attrack any kind of consumer. Read our extended cover story about Coffee Corner and how you can organise it in your shop, so that you can maximize your profit. Don't miss our feature about the quality of the ice cream and how you can “garde” it by using the right equipment to preserve it and serve it to the customers. Further more, monitor the upcomimg thend of “snacking on the go” by reading what other, fellow owners of bakery shops have to share about their own experience. Last but not least, stay tuned to all the latest news of the 16th ARTOZA (22-25/02/19, Metropolitan Expo) at www.artoza.com