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SNACK AND COFFEE 77 is already out and inside its pages, you will find a full variety of stories and reportages, interviews of significant people, coffee places features and as always, all the current news about the coffee industry!


Starting with a full review of the outstanding 13th HORECA 2018 with every detail of the exhibition and all the special events that took part during the 4 days.

It’s cold coffee time and Nitro Cold Brew is the the new trend that has already made the difference. Read all the aspects of its unique production technique and all the aspects that you should consider if planning to add it in your menu. Do you have a sweet tooth? We examine the importance of providing desserts in a café as a perfect complement to coffee beverages. Moreover, we take a very interesting interview with John Apostoloupo, the Deputy CΕΟ of SCA, talking about the role of the organization in the global coffee industry as well as the growth of the sector. Next stop, Tripoli-Peloponesse examining all the news of the local market. Meanwhile, we meet with two coffee champions and discuss all the aspects of their success; The world champion of Brewers Cup 2017, Chad Wang and the Barista Greek champion 2018, Michael Katsiavos. Finally, we take exclusive interviews of the winners of the Pan-Hellenic Cocktail Championship who share with us their winning recipes.