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The new issue of Z+G Pastry Magazine -No 179- includes a rich featuring of fresh ideas for this Easter and also, welcomes the summer season, the perfect time for ice cream! 
The talented pastry chef, Lisa Kermanidou, presents chocolate eggs inspired by fashion and the executive chef of Hilton Athens, Kostas Athanasiou creates an easter fingerfood menu based on traditional taste but with a modern twist. 
We analyze the gelateria – phenomenon DaVinci, as one of the most succesful in Greece, we also remind the basic principal and technics of italian “gelato artigianale” and finally we present two perfect examples of ice cream companies that they started from wholesale and today they own their own retail gelato shops.
Main story for Z+G 179 consists as well, the 24o Greek Conference of Pastry that took place in Thessaloniki. We feature a full reportage with photos, quotes and all the important issues that were mentioned during the conference.
Next, you will find the interview with a legend, the french pastry chef and teacher of the famous school Fréderic Bourse, who shares with us his passion about teaching the new generations of pastry chefs. 
Enjoy your reading!